Sales outsourcing. A lower cost, lower risk opportunity to accelerate growth.
The point at which a small growing business is looking to invest in a sales resource to accelerate growth, represents one of the highest cost and biggest risk phases in terms of company development.
The engagement of an experienced sales team at this critical point is time consuming and typically not cost effective, due to the high cost of proven sales professionals, who will not typically move to an unproven business.

At Rockshor, we focus on sales, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Ready to start. Immediate availability to start your growth story today.

We are ready to start the business development and sales activities for technology companies and software vendors in Europe and North America immediately. 

Extensive experience. Together, we personally handle your growth journey.

A father and son team who have over 40 years of combined experience in the European and American software and cloud industries. We understand the corporate culture and buying processes across multiple vertical markets and have an extensive network of personal contacts.

Founders to Founder(s). Jack is the opener, Andrew the closer. Together, we personally handle your growth journey.
Working with Rockshor, you can test the market and delay expensive direct sales investment until your sales model is proven, thereby minimizing your exposure to risk.