Vesta Mini


Rockshor Exclusive!

Bring your A-Game, every single time.

Viral videos aren’t made with phones propped onto piles of books. Nope!

Vlogging for YouTube?

Creating content for TikTok or Instagram?

Here’s a chic tabletop tripod:

  • Hold your phone at the perfect height of 10cm-15cm depending on camera/phone lens level
  • Ergonomic and stable to carry loads up to 2 kg/4.4 lbs.
  • Folds down to 17cm (25cm with smartphone adapter attached)
  • Weighs only 155g for portability unlike any other
  • Anti-slip rubber legs hold your phone/camera super steady
  • Bluetooth remote control included 

Enter seamless video recording that translates to better picture quality, better audio, better everything!

That’s not all:

  • Sleek all-metal body adds a generous dash of glamor
  • Linked legs snap in and out in one motion for quick set-up—faster than other mini tripods
  • Integrated ball head’s friction-lock holds your camera in a rock-solid grip
  • ¼ inch Camera screw, quick portrait setup, and ergonomic locking knob for swift shooting on the go—every minute spent creating the amazing
  • Includes smart phone holder for phones up to 3.4 inches / 8.7 cm
  • Switch between landscape or portrait, for vlogging or Instagram or TikTok
  • Switch to use as a hand-held camera stabilizer, or mini selfie stick
  • No more shaky shots— unprofessional videos and shots are no longer being served

Pop the Vesta Mini in your pocket to take it along for a ride.

It’s time—time for your most professionally shot video to date!

Time for you to go viral.