Moin Light Cube


Pocket-sized dazzle with the Moin L1.

This is the brightest of its kind on the market!

Clearer vision wherever it’s set up.

  • Rain, snow, and waterbodies don’t bother the Moin L1; your vlogging companion no matter what (waterproof up to 10m/32.8ft)
  • All-in-one button that controls brightness, so your Vlog shooting setup takes no time and delivers a lot of allure
  • A consistent spread of light, with 1200LUX at 50cm
  • High CRI for better color rendition that truly illuminates your adventures for your subscribers
  • Built-in Bluetooth to take monitoring directly to your smartphone
  • Adjust color temp to suit your creative concept, bringing up the glare or toning it down
  • 10+ hours of usage at 2% brightness, 2 hours at 100% brightness, and 40 mins at 200% brightness

Every adventurous Youtuber brings the versatile Moin L1 along for their crazy rides.

What's in the Box?

Moin L1

Adapter Ring

White Color Filter

Charging Cable

User Manual