Telephoto ProLens Only


Bring your world closer to your Instagram followers.

The journey from amateur Instagram shots to professional influencer shots:

  • The ShiftCam Telephoto Lens gives 2X magnification, for 200X higher-quality shots
  • An amazing 60mm Telephoto lens for iPhone
  • Zoom ahead on Instagram with striking, distortion free images
  • Sharp corners, wonderful images, striking Instagram page
  • Beautiful aluminum body; as pretty as its performance
  • Lens cap to keep your lens ready to shoot whenever you are!

Instagram influencers didn’t get where they are by not upgrading their shooting gear.

Good news: you can upgrade your iPhone camera with a detachable telephoto ProLens.

Even better news: You can do it right now!


  • All ShiftCam ProLens require mounting gear. Browse the Accessory section for a ShiftCam Case, ShiftCam Multi-Lens case, or ShiftCam 2.0 Travel Set case. You’re all set!
  • ShiftCam Mounting System enables fast(est) lens switching between your super-instagrammable shots!
  • Uniquely designed for different iPhone models, and not interchangeable unless stated otherwise. Choose your iPhone model carefully.