Traditional Macro ProLens Only


10 times the traditional macro, for 10 times more striking Instagram shots and video.

Getting up close and personal with what the world calls: a class apart!

This is the Traditional Macro ProLens, a detachable gamechanger for your iPhone camera.

  • 10X magnification for every shot
  • Doesn't matter whether you shoot your next Instagram post outdoors, indoors, or in your bathroom mirror: get close-to-zero distortion.
  • Takes a flick of your wrist to attach to your iPhone
  • A simple click to shoot sensational image and video.

Taking your Instagram game from a Meh Zero to an Ah-mazing Hundred in a matter of seconds.

You’re truly bringing your A-game, and your followers can see that.

Traditional macro lens for iPhone will take you amazing places!


  • All ShiftCam ProLens require mounting gear. Browse the Accessory section for a ShiftCam Case, ShiftCam Multi-Lens case, or ShiftCam 2.0 Travel Set case. You’re all set!
  • ShiftCam Mounting System enables fast(est) lens switching between your super-instagrammable shots!
  • Uniquely designed for different iPhone models, and not interchangeable unless stated otherwise. Choose your iPhone model carefully.