Wide-Angle ProLens Only


Not all of us can splash out the cash for a professional camera.

And that’s okay!

Here’s a wide angle lens for iPhone—takes your Instagram shots from Oh-Kay to Oh-My-God!

  • 5 pro-level elements give you the tools to shoot pro shots
  • 110° viewing angle so your followers can see more, and see it better
  • Less than 1% distortion for a sharp image
  • Aluminum body for a solid grip; no wobbling and no instability

We’ve all heard how attaching and detaching lenses onto the iPhone takes too much time. The ShiftCam Wide Angle lens nips that problem in the bud. The Wide Angle ProLens screws onto a plate, which glides effortlessly onto a bracket on the ShiftCam’s case (not-included).

The wide angle lens paves a wide way for you to join the big leagues in the Instagram influencer biz.


  • All ShiftCam ProLens require mounting gear. Browse the Accessory section for a ShiftCam Case, ShiftCam Multi-Lens case, or ShiftCam 2.0 Travel Set case. You’re all set!
  • ShiftCam Mounting System enables fast(est) lens switching between your super-instagrammable shots!
  • Uniquely designed for different iPhone models, and not interchangeable unless stated otherwise. Choose your iPhone model carefully.